fb 安永3年(1774 年)但州城崎郡湯島之村図

History of Kinosaki

According to legend, Kinosaki Onsen was founded around 717 AD by Dochi-shonin, a Buddhist saint. Since the Edo period, Kinosaki has been a popular destination to spend weeks with hot springs for rest and recuperation. On the Onsen ranking table issued during the Edo period, Kinosaki Onsen was ranked second in Western Japan.  KOBAYASHIYA proudly boasts a 300-year history as traditional ryokans (Japanese style inn) in Kinosaki Onsen which located within a minute walking from Ichi-no-yu, a landmark serving as the heart of the town.




Founded in Genroku era (1688-1704), the KOBAYASHIYA ryokan began as a noble pottery shop called Setoya before branching out into the hotel business. Tomori Nagamoto was sworn in as the 10th and current president.

創業者、瀬戸屋吉衛門が瀬戸物商として元禄期(1688-1704年)に開業ののち、屋号を「小林屋」と改め宝永7年(1710年)ごろ旅館を創業。初代館主は小林屋武助。当代は2021年代表取締役に就任する10代目 永本冬森、女将 永本亜希子。


National Cultural Property

Among the oldest ryokans in Kinosaki Onsen, the building of Kobayashiya is famous for its architecture of a three-story wooden construction with traditional construction methods. The current building was constructed and opened after the Hokutan earthquake (1925) and it registered as a Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan (Registered in 2015).




One of the major components of traditional Japanese cuisine is the tableware, which is used to set a tone, and express the different seasons.  Choosing the perfect serving vessel for a certain dish is an art form, and in Japan. Each region of Japan represents different styles of ceramics, and in the Tajima region in northern Hyogo, the ceramics style Izushi-ware (a white porcelain) was born around the end of the Edo period (~ 1868).




Our SHOJI, the sliding doors are covered with speciality paper called Inshu-washi. Inshu-washi Japanese paper is produced in Tottori Prefecture and is said to date back as long as 1,200 years. The fact that the imperial court was supplied with paper from the province of Inaba (Inshu) is noted in the Engishiki, the Heian period (794-1185) document on official court dealings.

因州和紙は1,200年以上前から鳥取県東部の旧国名、因幡の国で生産される手すき和紙の総称であり、 平安時代の「延喜式(えんぎしき)」(905~927年編纂)には因幡から朝廷に紙70斤が献上されたという記録があります。