April 30, 2018

Japan’s MOST Traditional Experience? : Staying at KOBAYASHIYA yokan, a travel vlog hosted by Here Be Barr!

Come explore a traditional Japanese Ryokan with us in Kinosaki, a famous Onsen town near the west coast of the country. Find out what it’s like to wear a Yukata all day, as well as having an amazing dinner in your own room. We even take you inside a Japanese Onsen to find out what the bathing experience is like. This is one travel vlog you do not want to miss. Subscribe for more episodes from Japan and abroad.

“We’ve been vlogged by American youtuber” の続きを読む

September 25, 2017

Our interns on Kobe newspaper

Dara-chan, a full-time intern student from Taiwan is currently working at KOBAYASHIYA. She said everyone has anxiety about a new challenge, but the work I do now is rewarding and I am enjoying it. 




神戸新聞NEXT|経済|インターンシップ外国人学生が活躍 城崎温泉
2017/09/03 – 城崎温泉(兵庫県豊岡市)の観光旅館で、就業体験(インターンシップ)をする外国人大学生の存在感が高まりつつある。訪日観光客の急増に伴う人手不足の解消や、外国語による接客サービスの向上が期待されるためだ。学生たちは既存の従業員にも刺激を与え、職場全体を活気づかせているようだ。(井垣和子). 温泉街を流れる大谿川に面した老舗旅館の「小林屋」。インターンシップで実習する台湾の郭家伶さん(21)は接客や清掃などに従事する傍ら、外国人の宿泊客に浴衣の着方を教える。「ここで …(つづく)