March 29, 2019

Standard Kaiseki Course Meal Menu for April

-Fresh Spring Roll with Flower of Canola

[Seasonal Dishes]  
-Sea Bream Sushi rolled with Green Shiso Leaf
-Urui, Hosta Grass dressed with Vinegar and Miso
-Boiled Ugwort Nama-fu (Japanese raw wheat gluten) coated with Miso
-Butterbur marines with Tosa Bonito Powder
-Issun Broad Beans boiled with Honey
-Firefly Squid pickled in vinegar, sake and salt

[Raw Fish]   
-Sashimi Platter 4 types

[Main Dish] 
– Grilled Tajima-beef 
– Spring Tai Fish, Red Snapper in Shabu-Shabu style
[Steamed Dish]  
-Steamed Egg Custard with assorted ingredients

[Fried Dish]
-Deep-fried ball of Spring Onion and Shrimp paste
[Last Dish]  
-Steamed rice with Spring Radish and Tajima Chicken, Clear Soup, Pickles
-Strawberry with Egg Pudding




先附: 菜の花とスモークサーモンの生春巻き

八寸:  桜寿司 うるい酢味噌和え 蓬麩田楽 蕗土佐粉和え 一寸豆蜜煮 蛍烏賊沖漬け

造り: 季節の魚四種

台物: 但馬牛鉄板焼き  桜鯛しゃぶしゃぶ

蒸物: 茶碗蒸し

揚物: 新玉葱と桜海老の薩摩揚げ

食事: 春大根と但馬鶏の釜飯 吸物 香物

甘味: 苺とプリン



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