April 30, 2019

Standard Kaiseki Course Meal for May


Standard Kaiseki Course Meal for May

-Soy Milk Skin with Sea Urchin

[Seasonal Dishes]  
– Cream Cheese mixed with Salted and Fermented Bonito Intestines
– Simmered Sakura Shrimp and Cabbage
– Crown Daisy with Sesame Paste
– Boiled Ugwort Nama-fu (Japanese raw wheat gluten) with Soy Sauce
– Salt-pickled Sea Squirt

[Raw Fish]   
-Sashimi Platter 4 types

[Main Dish] 
– Grilled Tajima-beef 
– Traditional Japanese Stew of Seasonal Vegetables

[Pickled Dish]  
-Tuna and Fresh Ham Salad tossed with Vinegar

[Fried Dish]
-Fried Crab battered with Soy Milk Skin
[Last Dish]  
-Steamed rice with bamboo shoots, Clear Soup, Pickles
-Japanese Sweets, Fresh Fruits



先附: 汲み上げ湯葉と雲丹

八寸: クリームチーズ酒盗和え 桜海老と春キャベツのサッと煮 春菊胡麻和え 蓬麩オランダ煮 ほや塩辛

造り: 季節の魚四種

台物: 但馬牛鉄板焼き 和風ポトフ(ベーコン 春キャベツ じゃが芋 玉葱 人参 ブロッコリ)

酢物: 鮪生ハム野菜和え

揚物: 蟹東寺揚げ

食事: 筍御飯 吸物 香物

甘味: 柏餅 わらび餅 果物



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