Toyooka Art Season

Toyooka Art Season Autumn/Winter Edition is here!
Until March various dance, music, theater, and art events will be held throughout Toyooka City.

・10/22~12/4 Print Exhibition by Masanori Katsuyama and Harue in Commemoration of their donation “Honobono”
・11/12 Tomoko Sato “TWO FEMALES-Crane / Antigone” Local Exchange Program
・11/19 Moto Takahashi/MWMW “New Creation” WIP Presentation
・11/27 Let’s Play with Professional Composer! JACSHA Music Workshop
・11/26 Toyooka Wind Orchestra 39th Concert

Those who would like to receive more information about Toyooka Art Season, including ticket pricing for
events, can check their website here >> https://toyooka-artseason.jp/


ご宿泊日に合わせて、ジャンル・会場・日にちから公演情報が検索できる公式WEBサイトをご利用ください。>> https://toyooka-artseason.jp/